About Head in the psy

Who are we ?

We decided to create this association which helps black people in the United States. We started from the observation that the inequalities between black and white people in the United States were still too present, which leads to a consequent social fracture. Our association has a psychological goal towards black people who do not have the same psychological help as white people in the United States. White people have more social aid and money. So, we decided to create our association with the aim of bringing psychological help thanks to a system of consultation in video-conference for the black people or for the most deprived people.


HITP Patients

What do we do for you ?

We are here to hear your stories and to help you get better in your life thanks to our psychologists who are at your disposal. You have at your disposal in the "Form" section a form that will allow you to share your testimonies but also to make an appointment with our psychologists.

HITP Psychologists

Let's work together !

Your help as a psychologist is to be able to respond to patients' requests to help them. You will be listed on our "Our psychologists" page so that patients can contact you.